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Class of 2023 - Last Day

The journey of G12 at ISHCMC has almost come to an end. Therefore, to celebrate this memorable milestone, we are more than happy to bring back the school’s annual ‘Last Day’ celebration. This day will be packed with joy and good vibes across the entire school. On both the Primary and Secondary campuses, all students at ISHCMC will have the opportunity to "clap-out" our G12s in honor of their accomplishments and the end of an era. Another tradition is our whole-secondary assembly for our campus to unite and celebrate the graduates on this great day, followed by the farewell lunch for families in the canteen.

Parents are invited to the following. We’d love to have you!

  • Whole-Secondary Assembly: 11:20-12:20 @ Secondary Gym (11:00 arrival)

  • “Clap-Out” at Secondary: 12:30 - 12:45 @ All Secondary Hallways

  • Lunch Celebration: 12:45 - 2:00 @ Secondary Canteen

Please RSVP here



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