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Community Gardening Group: Creates New Garden at ISHCMC Secondary

In the last few weeks, the Community Gardening Group has been working hard to finish setting up the green outdoor space on the ground floor. Besides the students and teachers from the CAS group, they have been fortunate to collaborate with the cleaners, guards, and facility team to work together as a school community.

So far, the group has set up both main paths and side paths, different growing sections for herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers, and a lotus pond with fish. They also had a visit to the plant nursery this week and bought a variety of herbs and fruit trees with the fund raised at the Farmers’ Market on campus last month.

In the future, we will like to keep running all the green spaces with the sustainable gardening method. For, example, using the compost and bokashi tea as fertilizer, using the fruit enzyme as pesticides, purchasing necessary materials with the money raised from the farmers’ market, etc.

We believe a school garden can have a significant impact on students’ awareness of healthy food choices and sustainable gardening. It is more than a vegetable and fruit garden, it is also a green outdoor space for students, staff, and parents to socialize and enjoy their time together.

We are aware that some families are planning to move on from Vietnam over the summer, and we would like to adopt the plants for our community gardens that you would like to leave behind. Please send an email to or drop your plants with the security guards by the school gates if you are interested. Many thanks.

Community Gardening Group



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