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DEIJ: Just a Buzzword?

DEIJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice) work is becoming increasingly important.

Social movements have highlighted organizations' need to act against injustice and inequality. DEIJ provides a framework to help them. Schools as organizations can create environments that respect diversity, foster equity and promote justice.

DEIJ focuses on creating systems of fairness within organizations so that all employees feel safe, seen, heard and respected. Organizations like ISHCMC set clear expectations for how people should behave towards each other; provide training for managers on how to lead diverse teams; ensure equitable distribution of resources; code policies that respect everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or religion, and create an inclusive culture.

In addition to helping organizations make their workplaces more equitable, DEIJ also encourages employees to take action in the larger world outside of their organization. Activities include speaking out against discrimination, advocating for social justice initiatives, and participating in activism that helps create a more just society.

The work of DEIJ is essential for creating healthier workplaces and societies with equal access to opportunity. Contemporary educational organizations strive to practice DEIJ because it is the right thing to do and increase employee morale, satisfaction, engagement, and performance. Likewise, greater inclusion of diverse voices can lead to more innovative products and services that appeal to wider audiences. By making DEIJ part of their organizational values, schools can ensure their communities are respected, heard, and included.



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