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Deputy Head of School - End of Year Message

As we end a remarkable academic year, I want to reflect on the journey we have embarked upon together and express my heartfelt gratitude for being part of this vibrant and thriving community.

This year, we welcomed many new faces into our school, and it has been truly inspiring to witness how quickly and seamlessly they have become integral members of our community. The spirit of inclusivity and warmth that characterizes ISHCMC has made this transition a smooth and enriching experience for all. Becoming part of a new community is a testament to the open-mindedness and acceptance that we hold dear.

In addition to fostering a sense of belonging, we have developed exciting new programs that will profoundly impact students' social and emotional growth. One such program is Positive ISHCMC (POSISH), a comprehensive kindergarten to grade 12 social-emotional curriculum that empowers students to develop resilience, empathy, and a strong sense of self in their physical and digital lives.

Moreover, we have designed next year's professional learning program to be underpinned by diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ). This programme has been developed by listening to our community stakeholders. Our commitment to embracing diversity is cultivating an environment that celebrates individuality and fosters respect and understanding among our students, staff, and families.

As we look forward to the future, I am excited to announce our plans for Community Learning Exchanges. These DEIJ conversations will enable students and teachers to engage with the broader community, broadening their perspectives and deepening their understanding of the world. By forging connections and collaborating with community members, we aim to create meaningful and impactful learning experiences beyond our school's walls.

In closing, I am immensely proud of our achievements and growth this year. Our commitment to including all, developing innovative programs like POSISH, dedication to DEIJ principles, and aspirations for Community Learning Exchanges have laid a strong foundation for a bright and promising future. Let us nurture a dynamic and inclusive environment where every community member can thrive and flourish.



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