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Driving Financial Innovation in Southeast Asia: ISHCMC Students Lead the Way with World Youth Investment Conference

Meet Nam and Hank, two of our secondary students, who are making waves in the young world of finance with their brainchild, the World Youth Investment Conference (WYIC).

Founded in 2023 by these two grade 11 students, WYIC has exploded in popularity, attracting over 50 schools and 1,000+ students from across 9 countries in its first year.

Hank and Nam's journey began in grade 10 when they noticed a significant gap in financial competitions available to international students. "Last year in grade 10, me and Hank noticed that there was a lack of financial competitions for international students," Nam recalled. They found that most competitions were tailored specifically for students in North America, leaving international students with limited opportunities to engage in financial challenges.

Determined to bridge this gap, they decided to create a platform that would be inclusive and accessible to students worldwide. Their vision was to foster financial literacy and provide a competitive yet collaborative environment for international students to learn and grow.

While Hank and Nam were the driving forces behind the WYIC, ISHCMC provided a nurturing environment that enabled their success. The school encourages students to pursue their passions and provides resources and mentorship to help them achieve their goals. This supportive atmosphere was crucial in helping Hank and Nam transform their idea into a reality.

ISHCMC's leadership played a key role in facilitating connections with other schools, demonstrating the school's commitment to fostering global collaboration. By providing guidance and support, ISHCMC helped Hank and Nam navigate the challenges of launching an international conference without overshadowing their initiative and hard work.

"At first, it seemed, you know, quite daunting. We just talked to schools in our Saigon area locally, but we knew that we wanted to expand and be bigger as possible," Hank explained. They sought support from their school leaders, including Head of School Ms. Green and Secondary Principal Mr. Archer. These connections were instrumental in reaching out to other schools in the region.

Leveraging these networks, Hank and Nam began collaborating with schools in Singapore, Thailand, and beyond. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and the network of participating schools grew rapidly. "We got to the point where we are today," Hank said with pride, reflecting on their journey from a local initiative to an international conference.

Hank and Nam's initiative has created a significant impact, promoting financial literacy among youth on a global scale. "WYIC is more than just a competition. It's a platform for fostering collaboration, learning, and growth. We aim to ignite the spark of financial literacy among youth worldwide," Nam emphasized.

Their efforts have provided a unique opportunity for students to learn about finance and investment in a practical and competitive environment. The conference has also fostered a sense of community and collaboration among participants, transcending geographical boundaries.

The success of the WYIC is a testament to the innovation and determination of ISHCMC students. Hank and Nam's achievement showcases the school's commitment to nurturing global citizens who are adaptable and forward-thinking. Their story is an inspiring example of how students can make a significant impact on the world when given the support and opportunities to pursue their passions.

ISHCMC is immensely proud of Hank and Nam's accomplishments and looks forward to the continued growth and success of the World Youth Investment Conference.



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