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Eco-School Update: Saigon Paper Mill - Medium Experimentation

We started to experiment with the recycled paper to see which types of product or outcome are the most appropriate and sufficient with this material. As a group, we have effectively utilized the advantages of having a team which is collaborating. Smaller groups were allocated with different tasks. For example, one was looking at how to make recycled paper into paper while another was testing the paper durability by making origami.

This is a crucial step in recycling paper since it will allow us to identify our goals more precisely, not to waste so much resources as well as time and effort making something that does not go with any expected aesthetic or size of product. Prep, prep, prep, THEN act is a lesson we have all learnt through this experience to reduce cost, reduce additional waste, and maximize potential. - Saigon Paper Mill (Student leaders: Shruti, Hieu, Tri, Han)



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