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Energizing Beginnings: ISHCMC's January Orientation

On Monday, kicking off the academic year, we were delighted to host our January orientation welcoming over 100 students to our community.

Taking place at both campuses, ISHCMC's January orientation was a day filled with invigorating energy. Our parents experienced the positive impact of the leadership teams injecting the assembly with vibrant enthusiasm, ensuring both parents and students felt energized and prepared for the upcoming academic journey.

During the day, an exciting addition was a dynamic meet-and-greet session, allowing students to connect with their homeroom/advisory teachers. This interactive event buzzed with excitement, adding to the overall positively charged tone that fostered meaningful connections within the ISHCMC community.

Throughout the orientation, our parents were able to obtain practical insights about academic life and the diverse range of thrilling extracurricular activities available. Simultaneously, students explored our facilities, discovering the lively clubs and opportunities that await them with an underlying sense of anticipation.

As the Monday orientation concluded, there was a palpable sense of excitement in the air. We're looking forward to a fantastic and lively academic year ahead. To our new families, a warm welcome to the dynamic and exhilarating community at ISHCMC!



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