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ISHCMC Students Hold Amazing Farmers’ Market

Today is our first Farmers' Market in this school year 2021-2022 and we are honored to have Laiday Refill Station from our local community join us. Thank you for all the inquiries and support from our students and teachers.

-Organic produce from the school rooftop: rosemary, aloe vera, purple basil, holy basil, Cuban oregano, mustard, Shanghai Green Pac Choy, and more.

The Saigon Paper Mill CAS group used recycled paper to make eco plant holders for the farmers’ maket.

Soaps for refilling and sustainable productsfrom Laiday Refill Station

The previous CAS The Empty Bowl kindly provided the bowls they created.

"Donations for Children in Dong Nai"- Thank you Mrs. Clark and Mr. Clark for your generous donations.

We are looking forward to more community collaboration in our future farmers’ market to raise awareness about food security, and environmental issues, driving our community to make responsible choices.



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