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First ISHCMC Podcast Launched

We are thrilled to announce that ISHCMC's very first Podcast is now online and available to listen to. This is a great new initiative instigated by our Sustainability and Service Lead, Preet Dhaliwal.

Speaking on why she feels an ISHCMC Podcast is a great addition to our community, Preet shared "When you look at education on a global scale and the necessary behavior change over time necessary for a sustainable planet, it is crucial that all stakeholders engage in conversations that lead to one common goal - and that is a sustainable future."

"These stakeholders exist in every sector, in every age group, every culture and in all corners of our world and through education and conversation we become change agents for a sustainable world. Why not have our ISHCMC community make an impact through a podcast? Through a Youth Global Podcast our students and community become the heart and engine of a Global Impact a community."

The first edition checks in with grand prize winning ISHCMC students, Tarek and Junsoo who describe their CAS journey in a prestigious Global Youth Entrepreneurship (GYE) competition. Global Youth Entrepreneurship (GYE) Zone is an educational organization based in Silicon Valley, US. Through the authentic learning approach, GYE Zone aims to prepare high school students for college success and career preparation through extracurricular activities that instill in them an entrepreneurial mindset, 21st-century skills, and the grit for breaking barriers and embracing lifelong learning.

To Listen to Our First Edition, click here



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