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First Steps Back to Campus

Due to the recent change in restrictions, we have been able to start bringing a small number of our Operations and Facilities teams back onto our campus this week. This marks the first step on a long road ahead for all of us, teachers, students, and staff, to return to campus.

Currently, our Operations and Facilities teams are working on reactivating our campuses to prepare it for a school-wide return. This includes everything from testing air conditioners and purifiers, deep cleaning, to checking fire-fighting equipment.

Speaking on returning to campus, one of our Senior Operations Manager, Ms. Tran shared “We are so happy to return to campus for preparing the facilities ready for more ISHCMC colleagues to re-enter the campus over the following weeks.”

The next step we are working towards is having limited numbers of our faculty return to campus when we return to school after the break on the 18th October 2021. At this point the DoET has not provided any official information regarding the timing on the return of students to the campuses.

Moving forward, Ms. Kim Green, our Head of School shares, “there are three key goals in guiding our practice as we navigate our way into our new world ‘living with COVID’

  1. Ensure the health and safety of the ISHCMC community

  2. Ensure the continuity of learning for all students

  3. Be responsive to the needs of our community as we begin to navigate uncertainty”

For more information on the road map back to campus, please check out the latest: Head of School & Parent Forum



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