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Fostering Collaboration: ISHCMC Welcomes Cognita Regional Team

ISHCMC had the pleasure of hosting the Cognita Regional Team, including Sameer Aggarwal (Cognita Asia CEO), Gwen Yeo (Regional Chief Operating Officer), Peter Wiki (Cognita Asia CFO), and Andy Handcock (Asia Regional Education Director). The visit marked a significant moment of collaboration and partnership between ISHCMC and Cognita, signifying the shared commitment to education.

During their visit, the Cognita Regional Team engaged in various activities, meeting with teachers, staff, and students to better understand the school's daily operations and educational practices. They had the chance to observe classrooms and experience the unique teaching approaches employed at ISHCMC.

Productive discussions were held with the school's leadership, exploring potential opportunities for mutual growth and support within the Cognita network. The visit was a positive experience for both ISHCMC and the Cognita team, fostering a sense of camaraderie and a shared vision for educational excellence.



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