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Global Be Well Day: What’s it all About?

Global Be Well Day (GBWD), September the 30th, is a very special annual event in the calendar of all the Cognita schools across the world. For one day, over 90 schools, totaling over 60,000 students, spanning four regions across the globe, will all join together to focus on and celebrate the importance of Wellbeing. The dedicated day provides a unique opportunity for schools to connect with each other through a range of Wellbeing activities based around our Cognita’s Be Well Charter.

Cognita’s Be Well Charter provides a clear definition of Wellbeing and outlines the main contributors to it, based on scientific research. By appreciating that sleep, diet, exercise, connecting, doing and giving are integral to maintaining good physical and mental health, students can begin to analyze these contributors and identify which might not play a prominent enough part in their lives. It is crucial that students understand that achieving optimum Wellbeing is something within their control and that healthy habits around Wellbeing are best formed in youth.

With a focus on Diet and Nutrition, ISHCMC is once again gearing up to hold a variety of activities to celebrate the day across both our Campuses. Speaking about the event at ISHCMC, Tosca Killoran, our new Deputy Head of School shared “Global Be Well Day (GBWD) is an annual event that connects the ISHCMC community with Cognita schools around the world. As a Global community we come together in order to focus on learning the importance of Wellbeing. GBWD provides a unique opportunity for schools to connect with each other through a range of Wellbeing activities based around the Cognita Be Well Charter."

"This year at ISHCMC our students will listen to guest speakers who are experts on wellbeing, they will engage in hands-on workshops, and they will have opportunities to present their learning to others. ISHCMC Primary students will engage in workshops such as; design a meal plan, discover healthy sleep habits, explore healthy relationships in physical and digital spaces, create calming art, learn about emotional regulation, create delicious food, and challenge their bodies through sports and yoga. ISHCMC Secondary students will have an extended advisory to explore healthy eating, nutrition and the impacts of nutrition on mental health and academic success."

To find out more about the Global Be Well Day, check out the video below:



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