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Global Cafe Improvements and Future Plans

Global Cafe has introduced various measures to improve the quality and accessibility of food for our students. At the Primary campus, they have reintroduced a Vietnamese Soup Station, a Taco Bowl Counter, and a "make your own wrap" counter, while at the Secondary campus, a new "express" counter was trialed and installed, providing popular snacks, smoothies, and juices. Global Cafe, in collaboration with the Primary Leadership Team, parents and students, has also created a "Nutrition Team" to develop and implement new initiatives, such as the "Salad Boat" that offers fresh raw vegetables during lunchtime.

To encourage healthy eating habits, under the initiative of the Nutrition Team at Primary, Global Cafe have also launched a program called "Students serving Students". The program encourages students to learn about food service, safety, and hospitality by participating in the daily food service at the "make your own wrap" station, under the supervision of the principal and Global Cafe. It has grown from 2 to almost 20 student volunteers, and the results have been impressive, with education and encouragement coming from their peers.

Moving forward, Global Cafe has set out several goals for the future to improve its food services. They aim to implement a Smart Card system across both campuses and also plan to introduce a "Nutritious" option of the day, with a menu to be designed by both Global Cafe and the community. Additionally, the organization intends to work closely with farms that support the best growing practices to implement a "farm to table" program for raw vegetables, chicken, and eggs. Lastly, they are reviewing service times, schedules, and operations to implement new service styles, options, and layouts for the upcoming academic year.



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