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"Go Out and Show the World What You Can Do. This is Your Moment!" - Grade 12's Last Day

Today, we marked a very special day for our entire community, our Class of 2022’s last day. This event has been the first in a long time that has really connected our entire community. It was fantastic to see all our students, teachers, parents, and operation staff all coming together, lining the corridors at both our Primary and Secondary campuses, to clap out our graduates as they embark on their new adventures. It really emphasized that while we are two campuses, we really are one community!

Starting at our Primary Campus, Kate Grant our Primary Principal welcome the students as the day’s festivities began. She shared “We celebrate you, the Class of 2022 and we wonder what were you like in your Primary School years, what hopes and dreams did you have. As you work through our primary campus, we want you to remember who you were and be proud of who you have become.”

Shortly afterwards our graduates enjoyed their first clap out of the day as they walked through our Primary Campus.

Our Grade 12s then headed to our Secondary Campus to enjoy the last official assembly. The event was filled with live musical performances, speeches for faculty and students, as well as even meme videos!

Kim Green, Head of School, marked and spoke on the significance of the day, she shared “It is my privilege to be here with you today. It is not lost on any of us, that this is the first-time we have come together since last year.”

She also addressed the rest of the Secondary School student’s present at the event, sharing that this was an “Opportunity for all our Secondary Students to see the pathway that lies ahead of you”

Speaking about our Grade 12s, Kim shared “Our Grade 12s have taken responsibility for their own learning journey through an extraordinary time, and for that we cannot be more proud.” She then then went on to speak directly to them stating “We know you got this. Go out and show the world what you can do. This is your moment!”

While Will Hurtado, Secondary School Principal wished the Class of 2022 all the best for the future, sharing that “You always exhibit grace, and pride in such a visble way. You have really navigated the most complicated of times with class. It is a phenomenal achievement. To the Class of 2022, always stay classy!’

One of the speeches ending the event was given by students Kim and Jenny, who recalled on their unique experience throughout the year with a very entertaining speech which ended with the fantastic line: “I rate my experience at ISHCMC 45/45. Good luck to the class of 2022!”



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