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Grade 9 Outdoor Education Trip Recap

The Grade 9 students went to Cat Tien for the school camp last week. They not only had a great time enjoying all the outdoor activities-kayaking, cycling, disc golf, hiking, and sports games, but also experienced a variety of cultural activities- gong performances, weaving, bamboo instrument making, soap making, permaculture farming, and traditional games. Some students took advantage of this opportunity and interviewed the local farmers about sustainable farming which link to their upcoming Personal Projects. Last but not least, the students supported a local Ethic Ma language learning school by making bookshelves, painting, and gardening.

Medicinal Plant Garden Visit

Cycling in the Cat Tien National Park

Disc Golf in Cat Tien National Park

Soap Making

Stonehill Cocao Farm Visit and Interview with Doc. Phuoc

Bamboo dance with the Ma ethnic minority

Light Painting with Glow Sticks

Weaving Technique and Patterns Learning with the Ma Ethnic Group

Bamboo Musical Instruments Making

Service Work at a Ma Language Learning Center



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