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Grades 4 & 5 Math Competition at BVIS

On Wednesday 5th of June, students from Grades 4 and 5 went across to compete at BVIS (British Vietnamese International School) in District 7.

The 3 teams competed in 4 rounds - Logic Round, Crossnumber, Group Round and a Relay race. The students set to work each time with a time limit and a Year 12 mentor from BVIS. They discussed, rethought, laughed and enjoyed the challenge each round gave them.

Even though we didn't come away with a top three place the students found themselves thriving in the mathematical challenges which allow different talents to shine. They worked extremely well as a team and encouraged each other along the way.

Congratulations and well done on giving up your recesses for two weeks to train with Ms Thao and Ms Danielle.

We are proud of you and have enjoyed watching you connect through mathematics!



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