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HCMC Global University Fair Held at ISHCMC

Last week, we were proud to host the HCMC Global University Fair. The afternoon event took place in our Secondary Campus and was a great opportunity for our students to engage with university reps from around the wool as they explored their best-fit university options.

100 universities took part in the fair, representing universities from Asia, Europe, The UK, America and Canada.

Alex Hoyte, University and College Counselor shared, “The Global University Fair I feel has been a success offering opportunities for not just ISHCMC students to meet university reps from around the world but students across HCMC.”

“It has been great to see students interacting with university reps and asking the questions that are important to them face to face. This is particularly great after the Covid pandemic which didn't allow for these types of events to take place. These opportunities are key for students to take ownership over their future choices and options for the next step in their educational journey.”

A big well done to our University Counselling Team for all their hard work in putting on this very special event for our community and thank you to all the Universities who attended the event.

Check out the re-cap video here:



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