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Head of School Community Update: 16 February

Dear Parents,

I hope that this message finds you well. Over the last two weeks, it has been a joy to connect with our children, to observe them happily re-engaging with their learning and enjoying time with friends after our break. It has also been a pleasure to meet and welcome our new Rhinos this semester. We are delighted to have you join our ISHCMC community.

Voice of Parent Survey

I trust that you have received (via email from the link to complete our annual Voice of Parent Survey as I am excited to hear your views.

To help us celebrate all that you value about ISHCMC and for us to hear your suggestions, take a moment to complete our Voice of Parent survey.

This survey is conducted across all Cognita schools and helps our school, regional and global leadership teams gain an understanding of our parent's experience.

This survey is in a different format from the CIS Survey that you completed earlier this school year. It follows a different rating format and provides the opportunity for you to leave comments. The survey will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete. So that we can best understand the perception of the majority of our parents it is important that we have a high level of participation in the survey. A link to complete this survey was sent to you directly from Cognita from’. If you have not received the link please check your spam folder or contact for support.

CIS Survey Findings

Earlier in the year ((November 2022) many of our parents completed the Council of International Schools (CIS) Survey. This data is used to support our school's journey of continuous improvement and prioritize action. The data is also being analyzed as part of our CIS and International Baccalaureate Self-Study process that we are undertaking this school year.

CIS Survey Respondents:

Over 400 parents commenced the survey but did not fully complete and submit it. Therefore the final data represents 264 parents who fully completed the survey. Parents represented multiple different nationalities and lengths of time at ISHCMC (from 12+ years to 1 year) and grade levels.

CIS Survey Findings:

Some of the key strengths identified include

  • 94% understand our mission that ‘We inspire wellbeing and learning so that our internationally-minded community flourish as energized, engaged and empowered learners’ and our school values - ‘Curiosity, Achievement, Resilience, Empathy’.

  • 89% agree that the ISHCMC mission, vision, and values guide the school in its decision-making.

  • 92% agree that their children are effectively learning how to interact with people of different backgrounds and cultures.

  • 92% state the cultural diversity of the school community is used to enrich their child's learning.

  • 90% state that their child is supported socially and emotionally.

  • 92% have confidence in the school's ability to keep their child safe in school.

  • 86% state that ISHCMC has a supportive environment for students' well-being.

  • 91% state that ISHCMC effectively teaches their child about the impact people can have on the environment.

  • 87% state that their child's lessons/classes challenge them to learn and improve.

  • 82% have confidence that our teachers have the necessary skills and competencies to teach the curriculum.

Some of the key areas for further exploration and growth

  • 20% state the need for more effective communication with parents.

  • 19% believe that ISHCMC could better support their child's learning needs

  • 23% state that ISHCMC is not appropriately providing for the development of multilingual learning.

  • 31% are not satisfied with the quality of food served at school.

Further findings of this survey will be available at the end of February 2023 on our Rhino Hub.

In kindness,

Kim Green, Head of School



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