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Head of School - End of Year Message

I hope that this year has brought joy to your hearts. In our Year of Empathy - Re-finding Joy the ISHCMC Way it has been a pleasure witnessing our students brimming with enthusiasm as they participate in both our cherished ISHCMC traditions and many new activities. Our objective for this year was to reconnect, reenergise, and strengthen our community partnerships. Thus, we deliberately endeavored to rediscover joy the ISHCMC Way by placing our focus on our core value of Empathy. Observing our community intentionally seeking joy the ISHCMC Way this year has been truly invigorating.

At ISHCMC, Empathy stands as a fundamental value alongside Curiosity, Achievement, and Resilience (CARE). These values shape our culture of CARE, where Empathy provides us with a perspective to delve into the factors contributing to mental and physical well-being, enabling us to foster trusting relationships. In turn, these relationships inspire learning, curiosity, and achievement. Throughout this year, our ISHCMC community, through empathy, has empowered one another to hold space for others and create an atmosphere of support. Over time, we have learned that empathy is a skill that requires practice, and through practice, we improve our ability to connect with others, gaining a deeper understanding of their thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions.

As we eagerly await the return of our diverse, globally aware community in August, I am excited to engage with you during our Year of Achievement, as we celebrate our 30th Birthday and continue to inspire well-being and learning ensuring that every child flourishes as an energized, engaged, and empowered learner.



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