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Head of School Message - 10th April

Dear Parents,

Our students' confidence in sharing their learning continues to humble me. Our students are articulate, passionate, committed, focused, and aspirational. Our ISHCMC students have high expectations of themselves and of the team that supports their learning. One of the unique qualities that I observe in our ISHCMC students is their active engagement in the process of metacognition.

Metacognition is the ability to think about one's own thinking and be open to feedback and growth. At the heart of our ISHCMC educational ethos lies the unique quality of our students. Our students' inherent desire for feedback, their reflective nature, and their unwavering willingness to take action on feedback to enhance their learning outcomes place them in a transformative capacity that elevates their learning beyond knowledge acquisition to a deeper understanding of how one learns and grows.

At ISHCMC, students are encouraged to engage in metacognitive practices that enable them to reflect on their learning processes, identify areas for improvement, and actively seek feedback to refine their skills and understanding. This cycle of reflection, feedback, and action means our students are not merely recipients of knowledge but active participants in their own learning journey, empowered to take ownership of their growth and development.

Metacognition empowers our students to be active agents in their own learning, cultivating a mindset of lifelong learning, resilience, and self-efficacy. In our IB continuum school, where the pursuit of excellence is not just a goal but a way of life, metacognition is a powerful tool for realising the full potential of every child every day.

This lifelong learning, resilience, and self-efficacy is evident in our students’ achievements across multiple domains of school life. For example, in the week before Spring break:

Our DP Visual Art students exhibited their work completed over the last two years. Through the theme ‘Escape’, our Grade 12 artists made personal connections to the theme and then expressed themselves through various mediums, from watercolour, and charcoal, to sculpture and much more. It was a privilege to be able to talk with each of the artists and understand the artistic journey that they have been on. Our artists have learned about themselves as artists and grown as humans through the transformative process.

Forty-eight (48) of our Stingrays competed in the AIS SPRINT 2024 and were placed 2nd in the Competition. Our Stingrays brought home a total of 10 Gold, 75 Silver and 35 Bronze placings for individual events and relays.

Our ASAC Under 19 Football teams participated in the ASAC Football Tournament in Cambodia. We are proud of our girls’ team for securing 2nd place and our boys’ team for winning the championship. Jules received the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the boy's team and Lily for the girl's team.

In addition, this year, we have had ten (10) ASAC competitions. Out of these ten (10) competitions, ISHCMC has advanced to the championship games in nine (9) competitions.

Our energized students hosted the first National DECA Competition, which brought young innovative business minds together. We are proud of our ISHCMC DECA Chapter, which was the overall champion of the event. The event hosted nine (9) chapters from Hanoi and HCMC and 56 teams. ISHCMC Team 3 (Yongchan and Natalia) topped the individual awards and was awarded DECA 2024 Team of the Year. We are also excited that Tom will serve as the 2024-2025 National Director.

I am consistently so proud of our Rhinos and look forward to the celebrations and showcases of learning, growth, and achievement over this final quarter of the school year.

In kindness and service,

Kim Green, Head of School



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