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Head of School Message - 24th April

Dear Parents,

Since our last newsletter, our secondary school Parent-Teacher Conferences provided invaluable opportunities for insightful conversations and fruitful collaboration. Strengthening the bridge between home and school, these discussions centered on the growth and accomplishments of our remarkable students.

We then experienced the stunning DP Music Senior Recital - “Echoes in the Dark. Our talented performers showcased their dedication and artistry. The audience was treated to a spectacular display of talent. Hearing the students' talent and observing their joy at accomplishing another milestone in their Grade 12 journey was amazing.

Last week kicked off with an unforgettable Grade 12 Final Assembly, a poignant moment marking the end of an important chapter for our seniors. It was a time to celebrate their achievements, reflect on their journeys, and wish them well as they prepared to embark on new adventures. The energy and enthusiasm in the auditorium were palpable as we cheered for each graduate and bid them farewell with warm wishes for the future.

Following the assembly, we experienced a heartwarming tradition with the Grade 12 Clap Out. Our younger students lined the hallways, clapping and cheering as our seniors made their way through, symbolising the passing of the torch to the next generation of leaders. It was a beautiful display of camaraderie and unity, highlighting the strong bonds that unite us as a school community.

In the realm of professional development, last week, our staff engaged in a dynamic Professional Development Day focused on working in action teams, Q4 DISC profiles, and Let’s Talk conversations. Within divisions, ‘Teachers teaching Teachers’ was the focus.

And finally, we concluded the week with our annual Safeguarding Audit with Cognita global experts on Friday. This audit reaffirms our commitment to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all our students. The feedback and recommendations from the audit will further strengthen our safeguarding policies and practices, ensuring the well-being and protection of every member of our community.

As I look back on the past two weeks, I am grateful for the moments of joy, learning, and collaboration that define our school. The collective efforts of our students, staff, and families make ISHCMC a vibrant community.

In kindness and gratitude,

Kim Green,

Head of School



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