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Head of School Message - 25th October

At ISHCMC our diverse cultures and identities are celebrated and explored through our international curriculum and all elements of school life. At ISHCMC we have the space to celebrate our differences and similarities, understand each other's cultures and respect each other's identities and perspectives.

At ISHCMC identity is represented through key symbols, traditions, stories, beliefs and values. One of those traditions is our Flag Parade. This year our traditional Flag Parade provided us with an opportunity to come together as One School for our 30th Anniversary Celebration of Cultures at ISHCMC. This year we loved having the opportunity to take a whole school photo so that this moment in history is captured.

As I watched our community come together under the Vietnam sun to celebrate our many cultures my heart was filled with pride for our ISHCMC. We have a diverse internationally minded community that transcends well beyond the 61+ nationalities that are represented by our students. Our diversity is also within each of our identities as multilingual learners, as individuals with dual and multi heritages and the many places we all call home.

For me, it was a joy to see our students, parents, faculty and staff come together to celebrate our diversity and unity. This highlight video from the event gives you a sense of energy and smiles and fills our morning of celebration.

At this special 30th Anniversary Celebration of Cultures I was privileged to welcome our “30 Years Thriving Crew” onto stage to open our Flag Parade. This group of 30 people were

  • students who represented the families that have been at our school for the longest some who have been ISHCMC families for over 20 years, and our

  • longest serving staff some who have served the school for almost three decades

At this traditional event we could see and feel our community thriving as we engaged with key symbols that have traveled through time with us - our ISHCMC School Song and our Rhino Mascot. Check out this school song from our archives. Do you recognise anyone?

Thank you to every member of our community that worked as a team to make this morning come to life. A special shout out to our PTO and our Community Engagement Team for their leadership of the event. This would not have been possible without a community working together! The event was a vibrant testament to the rich tapestry of cultures and identities that make up our school community. What an extraordinary morning in the most amazing school in the world - ISHCMC.

In kindness and gratitude for our community,

Kim Green,

Head of School



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