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Head of School Message - 6th February

Dear Parents,

The Tet celebrations held at the primary school and secondary school have ensured that we have all been able to connect to this very significant time of year in Vietnam.  In our celebrations the Dragon Dance, symbolising prosperity, unity and good fortune, has filled our community with excitement for the new year ahead.

As we enter the year of the Dragon, we acknowledge that the Dragon represents strength, unity, achievement and success.  The Dragon invites us to be inventive, creative, and adventurous.  I know as we enter the year of the Dragon that as a community, we will continue to follow our passions and take on new challenges.

I wish you all a very special time with family and friends over the Tet holiday and a new year of good health and happiness. 

Chúc mừng năm mới!

In kindness and gratitude,

Kim Green, Head of School



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