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Head of School Message - 6th March

Thank you to all of our parents who were able to attend the Head of School Parent Forum last week.  I appreciated having the opportunity to share with you the results of our CIS Parent survey data (from the last two years), the actions we have been taking and the impact. You can access the slides here.  Please do remember that the window for completing the annual Voice of Parent survey is available.  

Over the last two weeks, our students and faculty have been involved in many different opportunities on campus and within our community.

On the sports front, the exhilarating secondary school Rhinathlon and Middle School Sports Day took place, showcasing our students' athletic prowess and spirit. The school echoed with cheers as participants tackled challenges and displayed sportsmanship, creating lasting memories for all involved.  We are now excited to see the Season 3 sports season commence with multiple games occurring each week and hundreds of our students participating.

Last week our Grade 5 engaged in their annual education outside of the classroom (EOTC) adventure. All of the students engaged in ziplining, kayaking and much more to build agency, resilience, self-efficacy and self confidence, leadership skills, metacognition and self regulation along with health and wellbeing. 

We were proud to be involved in the organisation of the Vietnam Child Protection and Safeguarding Summit hosted at RMIT and co-led with AmCham and the Saigon International School Network.  Many members of our team, including myself, were presented at the Summit.  There were over 400 participants from the K-12, Universities, Industry, NGO and local authorities.  We are proud to be part of evolving these important conversations here in HCMC and Vietnam.

ISHCMC was proud to host the SENIA International Conference - ‘Designing for Inclusion’.  This is a global conference with over 440 participants from 36 different countries.  The largest SENIA International conference ever.  We are grateful to the SENIA Board for entrusting us with this opportunity.  We loved collaborating with SENIA to spark vital conversations in our international school communities to ensure all students thrive.  Thank you to our PTO for supporting this event and drawing in our community to offer a market to our guests.

This week we are proud to host the Cognita Asia Leadership Team. This team includes all of the Head of Schools from our Cognita Sister Schools in Asia and our Cognita Asia Governance team.  Our colleagues had the opportunity to tour both our primary and secondary school campuses and engage with our students.  

We look forward to seeing you all at the World Food Fest on March 9th, 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM at the Primary Campus for a celebration of global cuisine, games, and entertainment.

In kindness and gratitude

Kim Green,

Head of School



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