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Head of School Message: Call for Parental Feedback Through the Voice of the Parent Survey

This communication is available in Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese

Dear Parents

I trust this email finds you well.

Our aim is that every family completes our Voice of Parent Annual Survey so we can hear all of our families’ perspectives.

This survey measures your experience and loyalty to ISHCMC. This data is shared with our Cognita Global and Regional teams.

Currently 38.4% of our community has completed the survey. Let’s try to make this 100% completion. You have 4 working days to help us achieve this. You can complete the survey via the link in an email from If you cannot find the link, please email

When you complete the survey there is a rating system

Are you a promoter, passive or detractor of ISHCMC?

We need to hear from all of our community - our promoters, passives and detractors - we have a true picture of how our community feels. Therefore this message is a call to action - let us hear your voice!

You can complete the survey via the link in an email from If you can not find the link please email who can generate you a URL. The survey closes in 4 (four) working days!

In kindness

Kim Green

Head of School



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