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Head of School Message: #ProudtobeISHCMC - We are a Community

Our recent World Food Fest was a beautiful celebration of different cultures, backgrounds and passions It was a celebration of Who We Are: 61 Nationalities, multiple identities and most importantly one Community - ISHCMC.

This event was the creation of many members of our community working together. We are grateful for the great work of so many parents, students and staff. Throughout this event we could hear, see and feel all of the characteristics that make us a community. As we worked towards a common goal to share our cultures and energise our community with ISHCMC spirit we

  • Came together to support and uplift each other

  • Celebrated our differences

  • Engaged with each other with empathy and respect

  • Could feel we were all interconnected as Rhinos

As a community ISHCMC we live our values of curiosity, achievement, resilience and empathy and we know that every member of our community adds to Who We Are. As members of our ISHCMC family we understand that the actions and the energy we bring into the community space has an impact on those around us.



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