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Head of School Message - Welcome Home Rhinos

We hope that you all had a great winter break and enjoyed the festive season. We have loved having our Rhinos back learning with our team this week on-campus and on-line. Across the school, on-campus and in home-based learning, our Rhinos have returned after the winter break filled with energy and their Rhino spirit.

This week has been a milestone week for all of us in our transition into ‘living life with COVID’ with the return of our Grade 7-12 students on-campus. We have seen on average 75-80% of our students at each grade level on-campus. We still have some of our families who are off-shore and accessing learning remotely and of course we know that at different times our students may have to self-isolate and access their learning from home. As a school community we have 100% of all of our faculty and staff vaccinated and over 90% of our 12-18 year olds. This helps to mitigate risk and increase our ability to continue learning on campus. Our students this week who have been on-campus have been great at following our safety protocols so we can all Stay Safe Together.

It has been a joy to hear our students' voices and laughter back on-campus. We are so pleased that our Grade 7-12 are able to begin re-connecting socially. We look forward to seeing our students who have not yet been on-campus.

On Wednesday 19th January 2022 there is an early release for students and our faculty and staff will engage in professional learning. Our team will be defining further actions that we can take to help our community reconnect with Who We Are and have a strong sense of ISHCMC belonging. In addition we will be engaging in further Safeguarding Training.

Over the next two weeks there will be information sessions for our EE-Grade 6 parents in preparation for their return after the Lunar New Year. We are looking forward to welcoming our younger Rhinos back into on-campus learning.

Wishing you a great weekend ahead,

In kindness

Kim Green, Head of School



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