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Head of School Update

Dear Parents,

I hope that this message finds you well. Last week as an internationally minded community we were energized by all of our parents who engaged our students in meaningful experiences that deepened understanding of our community’s diversity during our Celebration of Cultures. Thank you to the PTO Executive, PTO Country Representatives, our Community Engagement team and all members of our community who played a role in making this special week a reality.

On Monday and Tuesday, it was a pleasure to host Frank Masseen, our Cognita Global CEO, to ISHCMC. When it comes to education, Frank deeply values ‘holistic education’. His visit to ISHCMC was a great chance for him to see high quality ‘holistic education’ in action. We helped Frank see how the interplay between cognitive and social and emotional is embedded in curriculum, pedagogy and the overall ISHCMC learning environment. During his visit he met with students and parents, visited the facilities and engaged with our teaching team.

Frank was very grateful for the opportunity to spend time on our campuses and he now feels so much more connected to our #AbsoultelyPostivelyISHCMC community. Frank was impressed with the quality of education that we provide, and the culture of care that is built around it. He sees how focused everyone in our ISHCMC community is on creating progress and growth. He also sees the complexities under which we operate and during his visit sought to understand the impact of the journey we have had through COVID on our students, faculty and staff and community. Thank you to all of our students, parents, faculty and staff that gave a warm ISHCMC welcome to Frank and for showing him ‘Who We Are’ and for what you do every day for every child in our care.

As this week comes to a close I am pleased to share with you that Ms Kate Grant, our Primary School Principal, has been making progress in her recovery since she was first admitted to hospital on the 30th of April. Kate is at home continuing her recovery with support of her daughters. She is working on slowly rebuilding her strength through short daily walks and by taking the time needed to rest to let her body heal. Thank you for all of the kind messages and support that you have shared with Kate. All of your messages and thoughts mean the world to her. At this point Ms. Lianne Kalapaca, our Primary School Vice Principal will continue as Interim Primary School Principal. You can contact Lianne at Lianne continues to be supported by the Primary School Leadership team (Daniel Barker and Ishbel How), myself, and Mr. Andy Hancock our Regional Education Director.

Over the course of the two weeks, I have been delighted to see and re- connect with our team, students and you - our parents. My husband is at home and gaining more strength each day in preparation for further surgery. Whilst I continue to closely support his recovery process, I am also reconnecting with daily school life. To ensure that our community is well supported through this time Mr. Andy Hancock our Regional Education Director will continue to work in partnership with me over the upcoming weeks.

On Monday 30th May I will be hosting a Head of School Forum (in person event) where our Strategic Leadership and Design Team will reflect on our growth this school year. This forum will provide you with a summary of key celebrations and areas for development identified in our Voice of Parent survey. You will also have a chance to provide your thoughts and feedback on areas of development that you - our parents - see as a priority for the 2022-23 school year. The outcome of this forum will help inform the priorities for our 2022-23 annual planning. I do hope to see you and hear your voices!

In kindness

Kim Green, Head of School



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