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How Can I Protect My Child's Identity Online?

As parents we often want our loved ones to keep up to date with how our sons and daughters are getting on. We may have a tendency to post photos and update our status to share their achievements. However, do we ever take a step back and reflect on how the posts may be used to gather information and potentially place our children at risk?

The video above is thought provoking in regards to how we can inadvertently share personal information online through likes, answering polls on social media (for example). With this in mind, here are some helpful tips to promote our safety around our children’s identity:

  • Avoid naming your children in posts which could be shared publicly.

  • Avoid having any identifying information in the photograph, e.g. a school logo.

  • Avoid tagging the location the photograph was taken at.

Attached below is a great resource which has information around whether you should post photos of your children at all.



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