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How did our Grade 6s "Stack Up"?

The pressure was on this week as our Grade 6s had the opportunity to compete for some House points. The event was a Stacking House Event, designed by our Grade 6 Leaders to give our students a break from the screen and to get them engaged with a hands-on challenge.

Specifically, our Grade 6s were tasked to create a stack from items around their home. The contest though was not about who could create the highest stack, but instead the most impressive. As a result, our students came up with all sorts of unique and challenging ideas for their own stacks, from cuddly toys, juice boxes to even ice cubes!

After the students sent in their videos of what they created, it was down to our Grade 6 Leaders to decide who was the winning House. Following a lot of deliberation, it was the Tigers who stole the show with one Tiger successfully taking on a very a difficult item for his stack… M&Ms,

Well done to our Tiger House and well done to all our Grade 6s for their great stacking efforts!



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