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INCHAM Holds "Speak Up Your Mind" Event for Youngsters this Summer!

Being a member of INCHAM Vietnam (Indian Chamber of Commerce), ISHCMC is thrilled to invite all our students to participate in INCHAM Vietnam’s upcoming event “Speak Up Your Mind”.

The digital talk show is being organized by INCHAM Vietnam, along with the upcoming digital platform for youngsters: YAYSKOOL & YAYTALK, to help encourage children to speak their mind, by providing an opportunity for young people in Vietnam to film themselves talking on specific topics

Specifically, the event is for children aged 8-18 years old and they are invited to film themselves sharing their thoughts on one of the following topics in a 5 to 7 minute video:

My experiences in Vietnam:

1. How I can contribute to society 2. How to stay positive in a pandemic

INCHAM will be posting their videos on all the social platforms of Yaytalk: Facebook, Website & YouTube for the world to hear them out and comment. There will be a Certificate of Participation from INCHAM which will be awarded to all the participants.

The deadline to send the videos is 13th July to 20th July 2021

INCHAM requests parents help their child to shoot video at home as per the following requirements:

Topic should have hidden positive message for the audience

  • Duration of the video is 5-7 mins. Start with your brief introduction – name, age, school, and hobbies.

  • Camera angle must be horizontal.

  • The distance between camera and kid should be 2-3 meters with full clarity of voice

  • There must be a quiet surrounding.

  • Camera should be fixed at one place and not moving/shaking.

  • Language must be English

  • Background should be either white or light-yellow color

Please note that video must be as per the above guidelines and INCHAM will request written consent from parents before they post video on various social platforms.

Once complete, please email the videos to:, or use the link to send the video to either of INCHAM’s emails:



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