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IS HCMC's Professional Development Day: Fostering Teacher Growth and Educational Excellence

IS HCMC's recent Professional Development Day, conducted earlier this week, provided valuable insights into the school's commitment to nurturing its teaching staff. This day was designed to offer teachers and staff opportunities to improve their skills, expand their knowledge, and reinforce their dedication to delivering quality education.

The day featured a series of structured learning sessions which included:

Data Protection: In an age where data security is crucial, IS HCMC's educators discussed strategies and processes to protect the school's digital assets. This session emphasized the importance of safeguarding student information.

Safeguarding and Wellbeing: Led by Dr. Antony, the Safeguarding Lead, this session highlighted IS HCMC's commitment to ensuring students' safety and overall wellbeing. It served as a reminder of the school's secure and nurturing environment.

Positive IS HCMC: Beyond academics, this session introduced "POSISH," a social-emotional curriculum framework. It equips students with essential life skills to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Let’s Talk: Teachers and teacher assistants (TAs) engaged in coaching conversations about their objectives for the academic year. These discussions aimed to refine teaching practices and enhance the quality of students' learning experiences.

IS HCMC's Professional Development Day underscores the school's commitment to teacher development and its dedication to providing students with a safe and enriching educational environment. By focusing on data security, student wellbeing, social-emotional learning, and continuous teacher improvement, IS HCMC is well-prepared to deliver exceptional education to its students.



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