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ISHCMC Alumni Spotlight: Tseng Pin-Chao's Art Journey

Recently, we had the chance to catch up with Benson, a graduate of ISHCMC's Class of 2018, who's thriving with his own fashion brand. Benson’s journey serves as a testament that, after leaving ISHCMC, all our Rhinos undoubtedly step into their future with confidence and readiness.

When arriving at ISHCMC, Tseng Pin-Chao found himself in an environment that nurtured and expanded his artistic endeavors. The school's passionate educators, rich materials and comprehensive program provided him with diverse opportunities to explore various forms of art.

Reflecting on his journey, Tseng Pin-Chao expresses gratitude to the teachers and supportive staff who played a pivotal role in his personal and artistic development and left an impact on his creative journey.

“I still remember Miss Malott in my class; she opened up a whole new world of art and design to me. I have never in my life received any sort of support or praise with what I do in the school of design like that.”

For Tseng Pin-Chao, ISHCMC also offers state-of-the-art facilities and unwavering encouragement with design.

He emphasized, "Designing, it's like a paradise of art at ISHCMC, thanks to the facilities and encouragement. We got a lot of chances to present ourselves and our ideas."

Diverse Inspiration 

The varied program and the mix of people from many countries at ISHCMC were crucial for Tseng Pin-Chao's growth as an artist. Immersed in a rich blend of cultures, he developed the skill of incorporating a multitude of influences into his designs, making them appealing on an international scale. 

"Thanks to the diversity at ISHCMC—both in the program and the people—I learned to draw inspiration from many cultures. It allowed me to create art that goes beyond being just local."

Now the proud owner of a flourishing local fashion brand - Paradise, Tseng Pin-Chao shares his vision, "Our brand Paradise makes it hard to believe that we are from Vietnam because we mix a modern point of view and many other cultures, such as Chinese, American, and French. We want to grow; we want to take this brand internationally." 

Tseng Pin-Chao's journey stands as a testament to our school's commitment to fostering creativity. His journey echoes the diverse and supportive environment within ISHCMC, showcasing the potential for personal growth and success for students navigating similar paths.



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