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ISHCMC Prepares to Welcome Global Educators for IB Asia Pacific Conference

The Asia Pacific region is gearing up for an exciting event as the International Baccalaureate (IB) prepares to host its upcoming conference at International School Ho Chi Minh City. The event promises to be a gathering of educators, coordinators, and administrators from across the globe committed to providing their students with a high-quality education.

The conference will feature more than a dozen workshops to offer participants a wide range of insights and learning opportunities. These workshops will cover various topics, including interdisciplinary teaching and learning, language and literature, visual and performing arts, and learning diversity and inclusion. Attendees can expect to gain new insights, practical tips, and strategies for improving their teaching practices and ultimately enhancing their students' learning experiences.

One of the conference's highlights will be the IBED Learning Diversity and Inclusion (DEIJ) Cat 3 workshop. This session will explore the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) in the classroom and beyond. Participants will be able to engage in meaningful discussions about their biases and learn strategies to support their students' diverse backgrounds and identities. They will also gain insights into how they can create more inclusive and welcoming learning environments that celebrate and value diversity.

Other workshops at the conference include MYP An Introduction to Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning Cat 1, DP Language A: Language and Literature (generic) Cat 1 & 2 (mixed), and MYP Arts-Visual and Performing Cat 2. With such a wide range of sessions, attendees can expect to gain new insights and practical strategies for improving their teaching practices and enhancing their students' learning experiences.

Overall, the IB Asia Pacific Conference is an excellent opportunity for educators to connect, learn, and grow.



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