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ISHCMC Primary - Parent Teacher Connection Conference Information

On Wednesday the 28th September we will have our Parent Teacher Connection Conferences.

These conferences have a focus on connection and relationships. Research tells us that connection between home and school is critical to learning and achievement. We seek to understand our students and you, their parents and work together with you to enhance learning and personal growth.

Protocol for the Connection Conference:


Teachers will connect with you sharing a little about themselves and also asking about you and your child/children.

Sharing information…

Teachers will ask if there is anything you wish them to know about your child/children. Teachers will share a little around what they have noticed about your child/children, offering observations around:

  • Friendships

  • Engagement

  • Approaches to learning

  • Life at home / outside school

  • Language profile at home

Important information:

  • This is a no-student day

  • We will send a sign up for those of you who are new to ISHCMC and don’t yet have access to childcare. You will be able to drop your children in the playground where they will be supervised for the duration of your Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Sign-up information -see below

  • Conferences will take place in the Homeroom classrooms

  • Conferences are for Homeroom Teachers, EAL and Learning Support teachers only

  • World Language conferences will happen throughout the day. Please go to the WL area at your convenience either after or before your homeroom conference

  • Please be on time for your homeroom conference

  • You can meet in person, on google meet or a combination

Signing up for the conferences:

  • Your homeroom teacher will send the sign up beginning on Sep 16th

  • There will be a staggered sign up:

- Parents with 3 or more children at ISHCMC Primary on Sep 16th

- Parents with 2 children at ISHCMC Primary on Sep 20th

- Parents with 1 child at ISHCMC Primary on Sep 22nd

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all on September 28th. Warmly

Kate Grant, Primary Principal



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