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ISHCMC Swim Invitational 2023 is Here!

Get ready to support our Stingrays as the ISHCMC Swim Invitational 2023 is coming to town!

One of the most awaited aquatic events of the year - the ISHCMC Swim Invitational 2023 is just around the corner. Taking place in ISHCMC Secondary Campus from 13-14 May, the ISHCMC Swim Invitational 2023 is an annual 2-day swimming competition that offers elite swimmers from multiple local and international schools the opportunity to have the fun yet competitive swimming matches.

With the participation of 12 teams, locally and internationally, from 7 countries, this year’s invitational promises to deliver the most diverse and lively experience to the participants. There are numerous challenging yet thrilling events waiting for our talented swimmers to accomplish, including both individual and relay events. However, the athletes cannot compete confidently without the support of passionate spectators. Therefore, we are more than happy to have all Rhinos and HCMC community come and cheer for every team that competes in this year's invitational.

Speaking of the ISHCMC Swim Invitational 2023, Ms. Alice Peng - ISHCMC’s Aquatics Manager, shared:

"We always want to highlight good sportsmanship and promote the value of friendly competition"

To us, it is not just about competing to win. The invitational is the chance for every participant to practice and express their skills, as well as cheer for the beauty of efforts that others have put in to improve themselves. Ms. Alice also mentioned that the invitational is a good opportunity to praise solidarity and widen networks by actively interacting with other swimmers from diverse regions and learning from them. Swimming is beautiful!

And if you’re wondering what you should be preparing for the event, well, Ms. Alice suggests two things: Have fun and enjoy yourself! The blue water is waiting for you, and so are your competitors!

More information about the Swim Invitational can be found here



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