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Leading Learning - SENIA International Asia Conference

In today’s globalized world, international schools play a crucial role in embracing students from diverse backgrounds, abilities and learning styles. As a leader in education ISHCMC is an inclusive school and we are proud to host the Special Educational Network and Inclusion Association (SENIA) International Asia Conference from 01 - 03 March 2024.

The Designing for Inclusion conference aims to provide participants a deeper understanding of the value and impact of inclusive design in education, empowering participants to create learning environments that cater to the needs of every student.

We are privileged to be welcoming two keynote speakers who have had a significant impact on inclusion globally.

We are delighted to be hosting presenters and educators from around the world to this conference on our Secondary School Campus for three days of learning and growing. The wonderful opportunity for educators from around the world to develop talent and expertise in inclusion related matters as well as share talent and expertise across the following areas.



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