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Meet Ms Hien - The Health Coach Behind Global Cafe's Nutritious Meals for Students

We recently had a great talk with Ms. Hien, Global Cafe’s Health Coach to understand more about her great efforts in ensuring our students have access to nutritious and healthy meals.

Being the integrative nutrition health coach at Global Cafe, Ms. Hien is in charge of overseeing the entire menu, making sure to meet the nutritional needs of the students.

Commenting on the food ingredients’ quality of Global Cafe, she shared:

“The ingredients we use are fresh and qualified.”

The food that Global Cafe uses never contains much harmful pesticide or chemicals and is from reputable suppliers. Additionally, Ms. Hien also informed us that: “Our chef commits not to use any MSG or too much seasoning powder”. Global Cafe always commits to using healthy cooking ingredients and cooking methods. Therefore, parents can be assured that students are always served with healthy food.

Ms. Hien has applied various methods to entice students to get enough nutrition:

"I adjust meals based on children’s normal favorite food, like creamy pasta; into a healthier version; or have sauce made from vegetables, like pumpkin alfredo, and in easy-to-eat food, like risotto or goulash."

Moreover, Ms. Hien and the Global Cafe staff are working hard to improve the nutritional values of other courses, such as desserts and drinks, as well as to arrange the meals as beautifully as possible to increase students' appetites.

From our chat with Ms. Hien, we could see just how dedicated Global Cafe is to making sure meals are both healthy and tasty for all our students. As a school, we are very happy to be in partnership with Global Cafe! Bon appétit!



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