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Meet VT: A Melodic Journey to Excellence

In the inspiring halls of ISHCMC, VT, a Grade 12 student, emerges as the first ISHCMC Believer Achiever in the spotlight. Her melody-driven odyssey in the world of music has not only resonated within the school but has also reached the illustrious Carnegie Hall in New York.

Discovering the Musical Symphony at ISHCMC

VT's passion for music has found fertile ground at ISHCMC, where she has been cultivating her talents at a high level.

Her recent feat of performing at Carnegie Hall, a global bastion of musical excellence, stands testament to her unwavering dedication and talent.

Reflecting on her journey, VT graciously acknowledges, "ISHCMC has provided diverse opportunities, enabling me to research, analyze, and compose, fostering my skills as a balanced musician."

Cultural diversity at ISHCMC has served as a vibrant palette for VT's musical exploration. Composing songs in various languages and genres, including Latin, Vietnamese, and Korean K-pop, showcases her artistic expression as a global citizen.

In this creative odyssey, VT extends her appreciation to the supportive ISHCMC community, with a special acknowledgment for teachers like Mr. Cullen. Collaborating with fellow students and contributing to the school band, VT notes, "Mr. Cullen facilitates relevant musical experiences, aiding in my development as a musician."

Belief, Confidence, and the Carnegie Hall Performance

The journey to Carnegie Hall was not without its obstacles, particularly the pressures of exams and tests which had briefly diverted her attention from her passion.

However, Grade 10 brought a positive change as she explored a new program centered around composing concepts. This experience not only revived her interest in music but also provided an opportunity to learn and enhance her composition skills, with the support of many teachers.

VT attributes her growing self-confidence to the abundance of performance opportunities at ISHCMC. This isn't just about showcasing musical talent; it's a reflection of how she has stepped onto stages, big and small, fostering a sense of confidence that extends beyond music into other facets of life. 

"It's a journey of building my inner confidence", VT shares

This self-belief became a driving force, propelling her to confidently perform on large stages, including the prestigious Carnegie Hall. Embracing Aspirations

VT, the pioneer in the Believer Achievers series, concludes with a message: “With my passion for music, I want to inspire other students to stand for their passion, believe in yourself, and show the world your ability and passion."

In celebrating VT's achievements, ISHCMC takes pride in nurturing talents that harmonize with the school's ethos of belief, achievement, and resilience. As VT's melodic journey continues, the school eagerly anticipates her future symphony of remarkable achievements. 

Check out the video of VT here:



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