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Mindfulness and Breath

When we practice mindfulness we often draw our attention to the breath, and there are many reasons for this. The breath can act as an anchor for the mind, supporting our practice of keeping focus in the present moment. When we pay attention on purpose, the breath can be the point we direct the mind back to once we notice our thoughts have wandered.

The breath is a direct link between our external environment and our inner landscape, constantly keeping us aware of sensations within and around our bodies. We can focus on following the path the breath takes as it moves in, finding its way deep into the body, and follow it as it returns to the surrounding atmosphere.

The breath can provide an interesting point of inquiry, keeping our sense of curiosity engaged, as our breath is ever-changing. The quality of our breath is intimately connected to the quality of our mind and our emotional response. If we listen to it, the breath can act as our own inner teacher, drawing our awareness to - and constantly informing us of our current experience and response. When we notice a shallow rapid breath we might notice a busy mind and anxious disposition. When we actively drop the inhale low and slow through the diaphragm and exhale completely, we can directly influence the nervous system to calm, the heartbeat to slow and the mind to refocus. Over time the flow of breath can become habitual. The quality of our breath directly influences our emotional well-being and our physical health, and is, therefore, well worth paying attention to.

EE - KG - G1 - G2

G3 - S4 - S5

Candle and Flower Breathing

By Pure Star Kids

Breathing Deck

By The Calm Classroom

Note: The theme is winter but it can be easily adapted

Space Breathing

By Cosmic Kids Yoga

Breathing Exercises

By Very Special Tales

Grade 6 - Grade 12

Staff and Parent Personal Practice

The Mindfulness Team

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