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Mindfulness and Compassion

When we pay mindful attention to ourselves we can bring awareness to our own experiences of discomfort and suffering. By taking time to listen mindfully to these experiences, we can invite understanding of our own suffering, and with understanding we discover that we can also understand the suffering of other people, of society, of our ancestors, and of our planet. When we listen and develop understanding in this way we help love and compassion to arise, and when compassion arises we in turn suffer less right away.

We may not like to listen to our own pain, but the practice of doing so allows the chance for self compassion to unfold. When we sit and listen with awareness we can greet our suffering kindly: “My dear pain and sorrow- I know you are there and I embrace you” (Thich Nhat Hanh). When compassion arises, transformation takes place:- with self compassion we can better take care of ourselves; with compassion we show empathy to those around us; we tune-in to our sense of altruism, lending our support and care to others both near and far. One precious gift we can offer each other is our presence; being in the here and the now with another person, deeply listening to one another with care and compassion.

When we are mindfully present we can treat ourselves with respect and kindness, and compassionately we can extend the same treatment to those around us.

Here you can find resources and mindfulness practices that talk about compassion, towards yourself and others.

EE - KG - G1

I Am Love: A Book of Compassion

By Susan Verde

Compassion Practice

By Omm With Orlee

G2 - G3 - S4 - S5

Listening With My Heart

By Gabi Garcia

Just like me

By Meditation Channel

Staff and Parent Personal Practice

Compassionate Mess (Self Compassion)

By Move Mindfully

Meditation on Compassion

By Joy Reynolds

Kindly, The Mindfulness Team Susie, Lola, Indira



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