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Mindfulness & Senses

As virtual reality keeps developing and we are compelled to use virtual environments more and more, we can notice our experience being limited to mental stimuli. What can you notice about your bodily sensations? How about your senses? Do you feel some disconnection from your senses and physical sensations? Do you feel some numbness?

The practice of Mindfulness activates our sensations and senses to savor more intensely the experiences we go through in our daily lives, and helps us to be more connected to what is happening around us in this present moment.

“When awareness embraces the senses, it enlivens them” Jon Kabat Zinn

Sensations can be pleasant or unpleasant, although the ability to experience them fully will lead us not only to more awareness and to better choices for ourselves, but also to a more enhanced life experience.

How can Mindfulness help us to embrace unpleasant sensations? One of the main aspects of practicing Mindfulness is the ability to observe what is happening right now non-judgmentally. The practice of non-judgment is a key for connecting with our sensations and outside stimuli allowing them just to be.

Here you will find some resources to help you experience more deeply the awareness through our senses without labeling or judging the sensations we are perceiving:

EE - KG - G1 - G2

The 5 senses

By Lil’ Steps Wellness Farm

The taste test

By Cosmic Kids Yoga

G3 - S4 - S5

The 5-4-3-2-1 Method

By Partnership in Education

Mindful Eating

By Go Zen

Staff and Parent Personal Practice

Five Senses Running Meditation

By Paradigm Productions

Five Senses Relaxing Meditation

By Dr Jennifer Wu

6 Tips for Mindful Eating

By Food Insights

We hope you find these practices helpful in enhancing our capacity to sense and feel connected to physical reality.


The Mindfulness Team

Lola, Susie, Indira



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