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Our Grade 12 Take on Global Sustainability Issues

Our Grade 12 students recently took part in the Group 4 project where they collaborated across all of the science disciplines to appreciate the environmental, social and ethical implications of science.

Our students split up into groups, taking on questions such as to what extent are there microplastics in different water sources in Ho Chi Minh City? How does a restaurant’s use of recycled plastic affect customer satisfaction? And Which type of disposable mask (PP and PT) produces better recycled plastic?

As part of the project, some of our students, working with the local community, took part in a specimen collection in the Saigon River surrounding ISHCMC to see what types of plastics they were using and investigating plastic use at ISHCMC.

The week long event was a great opportunity to see science and its real-world applications in practice.

To find out more, check out our student's finding in the ISHCMC Journal of Sustainability Here

Check out photos below and to view more, click here



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