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Poetry Workshop with Paul Christiansen

Grade 8 English Language & Literature students welcomed Paul Christiansen: poet, translator and arts and culture writer for Saigoneer as part of their inquiry into writing poetry to evoke social change and a call to action.

Students collaborated and showcased their creative thinking skills when asked to write a poem titled ‘The Fish’.This was great as students wrote lines to a poem, hid lines and continued the poem. Think plenty of paper and laughter passed around the theatre before revisiting the inquiry question What makes a poem a poem?

Students discussed the poetic and structural devices they have explored in the unit and then discussed the social issues found in Vietnamese poet Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai’s work ‘The Fish’.

It was eye opening to hear Paul emphasise the importance of ‘thinking small’ when addressing social issues in poetry as well as being reflective when writing and observing the world around us and the power of our personal identities.

Paul provided plenty of food for thought to encourage further curiosities as students move forward in finalising their poetry portfolios this week.



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