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Problem Solved! - Students Have the Answers in Destination Imagination

This year, 42 students from grades two through five participated in ISHCMC’s After School Activity, Destination Imagination. In essence the activity seeks to help students build their creativity and collaborative problem-solving skills.

As part of the ASA, students were teamed up with fellow students from multiple grades based on their interests.

Technical Team

The teams then went on to choose challenges in the following areas: Engineering, Technology, Fine Arts, and Improvisation. In addition to a central or long-term challenge solution, all of the teams completed a problem-solving project to an instant or short-term challenge.

Our Rhinos faced a lot of obstacles along the way including losing two weeks of face to face time at school, but they persevered and completed the solutions by the end of the season.

"Through this journey, we learned how to collaborate with each other and be open-minded to other people's opinions. We haven't celebrated the end of our journey, but we've reached many accomplishments during this. If we could have the chance again, we would do it again." - Studio 4 Student

Improvisation Team

Fine Arts Team

One of our Engineering teams chose to submit their solutions to our Singapore affiliate for official appraisal, which required them to complete their solutions two weeks before the end of the term. While they ranked 5th in comparison to the other Engineering teams from Singapore, they were invited to participate in the online Global Finals event in June as they were the only team in Vietnam to submit solutions for official appraisal. Unfortunately, this event has been scheduled to start just two days before school ends, so our team will not be participating.

Engineering Team

All of our teams completed their solutions and were appraised by our team managers at the end of our season. Congratulations to our Technical team for securing first place in our own unofficial tournament.

All of our Rhinos that participated in this year's Destination Imagination season deserve congratulations for their efforts and growth in the areas of thinking creatively to solve various challenges in a collaborative setting. Well done Rhinos!



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