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PTO Catch Up - Primary Leadership

Monthly Meeting PTO & Primary Principle

Date: 19th August,2022, 1:30pm

Feedback Back To School night.

Great event - best one so far! Great response to the specialty teachers, their presentations were very well received.

Points to improve

It is not clear on the details of the mechanics beforehand, there is a need from parents to know what to expect.

It’s not clearly mentioned whether children are welcome, the PTO advises to be clear on this subject. Although we understand that it doesn't look welcoming, at least we know what is expected.

Due to timing, Childcare may be a great solution for families that do not (yet) have childcare for their children. We would like to propose a supervised play area so parents can rest assured that the kids are safe and can enjoy their Back To School night properly


Kate will pick up with Global Cafe on waiting lines for upper primary. There have been complaints about having to wait for 20 mins to get food, and not having enough time to eat. Also, there are improvements to be made in cleanliness of the tables in between shifts.

Kate Grant, Primary Principal will also pick up on the selection of foods, there are numerous complaints that there are stark differences between secondary and primary campuses with regards to food offering in the canteen.


There has been some feedback on the style of the yearbook that the PTO has highlighted with Catherine Nguyen, Director of Community Engagement & Kate Grant, Primary Principal. It would be good to start a yearbook committee and one of the ideas proposed would be to have an ASA for yearbook to engage students.

Class Whatsapp Groups & Class Reps:

PTO has found class reps for each primary class apart from EE4B. The reps will be briefed on Friday 26th on do’s and don’ts. Kate Grant, Primary Principal will come back to PTO on her feedback with regards to the class fund and gifting before that time.


PTO will host recurring monthly events:

  1. Rhino Hut sales start on 26th of August, and will occur biweekly on Friday at Primary Campus.

  2. Next PTO parent coffee: 5 September, location TBC

Next monthly meeting: Friday 23rd September: If you have suggestions or topics that you would like to raise please email before Thursday 22nd of September to



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