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PTO Elections Are Coming

As the end of Semester 1 approaches, we would like to inform you that elections for key roles within our PTO will be taking place in December. If you are interested in getting involved, please find some key dates and information below:

Express Interest - Candidates can express their interest between the 18th of November to the 2nd of December

PTO Vote - A general assembly and vote will take place prior to the end of Semester 1. Results to be shared on the same day.

In addition, please note that this year, on the advice of the current PTO, more roles within the PTO will be established to help share responsibility. Roles and their responsibilities include the following: PTO President

The President will:

  1. Convene and preside at all general and executive committee meetings.

  2. Coordinate the work of the PTO officers, coordinators, and committees to achieve the objectives of the PTO.

  3. Approve the minutes of meetings before the secretary publishes them.

Two PTO Vice-Presidents

The two Vice-Presidents will: Aid and assist the President.

  1. Assume the duties of the President in the event of the President’s absence or resignation,

  2. Be responsible for recording events and activities for the Campus they are in charge of to be presented as the official history.

Two PTO Secretaries

The Secretary will: Take minutes at all general and Executive Committee meetings and then publish them after the President has approved them.

a) Prepare and publish agendas for meetings. b) Maintain the list of the members holding any position in the PTO (both elected and volunteer), c) Handle all correspondence of the PTO, d) Work in conjunction with the School Communications Team to publicize meetings and events.

The Treasurer

The Treasurer will handle the financial business of the PTO,

Further information about the PTO Elections, including how to express your interest will be shared with you shortly.



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