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PTO Elections: Latest Update

We are pleased to announce that the PTO Elections will be taking place next year.

For your information, please find some details below about the candidates who have put themselves forward for each respective role:

1. PTO President:

"My name is Yanka. I’m mom of 8th grader and 10th grader already 3rd year in ISHCMC.

I have been actively involved in helping out with volunteering at our school any time needed.

I know our school has a great potential, it’s the best school here.

My plan is to bring more school spirit, which moms feel is lacking nowadays. Also enthusiasm and new ways to tighten up more our parents community. I’m passionate about bringing energy into secondary school.

I have ideas what I think would be great contribution to the atmosphere of the secondary community.

It’s a big honor to be voice of the parents community and I’m very exited to lead, cooperate and initiate new things.

Thank you." Yanka Linhart

2. PTO Vice-President - Primary:

"I have been a parent at ISHCMC since January 2022. This year I took on being a classroom representative for my son’s classroom and have been looking for more volunteer opportunities at school. Since our first day I have appreciated the warm welcome of the current PTO board, I hope to extend this same welcome to other families.

This is our second international move and I’ve come to realize how important school community is in settling into a new country. I hope to be part of the PTO to continue to build and support a strong community and to work closely with the administration to ensure all stakeholders have a positive ISHCMC experience."

Cynda Meffen

3. PTO Vice-President - Secondary:

"We moved to Vietnam Feb 2022 after being in India for 6 years. My children are at both campuses (grades 3, 7, 8, 11).

At our previous school I have been deeply involved in the school community serving as classroom parent for multiple classes (5 years), country rep 4 years and finally as Vice President of the PCA (PTO). I am currently the country rep for Denmark at ISHCMC. I would like to be more involved in the school community at ISHCMC and contribute to a positive and engaging parent-school relationship."

Anitta Abildgaard

4. PTO Secretary - Primary:

"My children have been students at ISHCMC since January 2022. I have seen and appreciated what the PTO does for the ISHCMC families and our community. For the last two and half years I have been a room parent for my kid’s classroom but would like to be more involved at our school. I believe a committed PTO is important for our students and parents.

I have worked at multiple schools with student’s grade K-8 in Occupational Therapy since 2015. I like to organize and be a part of special events. I do my best to prioritize what needs to be done and stay organized. I hope to be a part of this executive board to continue in the footsteps of our current PTO leaders."

Jen Wilson

5. PTO Secretary - Secondary

Position still available, if you are interested, please join the General Assembly Meeting on the 3rd of February

6. PTO Treasurer Candidates:

"Hello, my name is Jeewon Im. I am a mom of Yujin Shin in 1A. We are from South Korea, and we came to Ho Chi Minh City in February this year. Even though it is short time being here, I really liked ISHCMC and the education that the school is giving to children. I volunteered to 1A Class Representative because I wanted to know the school and parents better to adjust the life here in Vietnam and I met so many great parents and teachers. So, now I would like to be a part of PTO Executive Board as a Treasurer.

As a background, I got a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and master’s degree in International Cooperation and Development. I worked at the Commercial Office of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Bogotá, Colombia also the Embassy of Honduras and Ecuador in Korea. I worked as an Assistant of the Ambassador at the Embassy of Honduras and Administration in Consular Section at the Embassy of Ecuador. I worked 10 years regarding this field, so I can manage administrative part. I was charge of all the Embassy administration including finance of both the Embassy and Consular section and I didn’t make any mistake during 10 years of working. In this regard, I can be sure that I could fulfill my duty as a Treasurer. But most of all, I would like to engage and be a part of ISHCMC as PTO Executive Board.

Thank you"

Jeewon Im



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