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Rhino Academy is Back for Term 4

Have you, as parents, ever considered taking classes again?

If not, it might be worth your while to explore Rhino Academy, an exclusive educational series for ISHCMC parents. This program offers engaging and informative classes, workshops, and more, covering a diverse range of topics such as cooking, yoga, and digital design, taught by specialized teachers and parents of ISHCMC.

Despite being labeled as "classes," which might sound intimidating to some, the Rhino Academy sessions go beyond mere instructions. The sessions offer parents the opportunity to actively ‘be a part’ of the ISHCMC community that their children are already a part of. By learning new skills and experiences, parents can gain insights into how ISHCMC delivers education. Furthermore, Ms. Evan Johnson - the coordinator of the Rhino Academy also shared that parents can recall their past school life by:

Learning, struggling with unfamiliar knowledge and creating memories.

Although classes are English based, our instructors aim to make the lessons simple to understand. During class discussions with fellow parents and instructors, parents can improve their language skills and adapt to the language in a realistic context. For those who have concerns about language barriers, Mrs. Mayu Murata, the co-coordinator of Rhino Academy highly encourages you to sign-up for the series since this would be:

A great chance to step into the English community that ISHCMC can offer to our parents.

Mrs. Mayu Murata and Ms. Evan Johnson - The coordinators of Rhino Academy

Please check the class offerings at this Rhino Academy Padlet, and register for classes at the enrollment form. Enrollment is open from 7:00 PM on Monday, April 17 - 8:00 AM on Friday, May 05, and the five-week classes begin in May.

To sign-up for the Rhino Academy click here
To view the Rhino Academy Class Schedule click here


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