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Rhino Academy News: Baseball Wins & Traditional Chinese Performances

Discover some great stories happening this semester at our Rhino Academy, an exclusive education program at the International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC), designed specifically for our parent community. With diverse classes and workshops led by specialized teachers and ISHCMC parents, our Rhino Academy fosters skill enhancement and community enrichment.

Check out below the latest Rhino Academy News!

Community Baseball Class Flourishes Under Coach Manabu's Guidance

Led by the enthusiastic Coach Manabu, the class offers a welcoming space for families to try a new sport together, regardless of prior experience. Many parents and kids started the program without any equipment, but thanks to Coach Manabu's positive guidance and their dedication, they've transformed into a skilled team over the past three seasons. Now, they confidently navigate the rules, understand key baseball terminology, and have mastered essential skills like pitching, hitting, and catching.

Their hard work truly paid off recently with a thrilling victory against a D2 Taiwanese team! The final score of 10-8 is a testament to their remarkable progress and the joy of teamwork.

Rhino Academy's Chinese Class: A Cultural Journey of Language and Diversity

Ms. Jenny's Chinese classes offer more than just language instruction; they provide an immersive experience in Chinese culture. Through the classes, students explore a variety of cultural traditions, travel tips, and Chinese cuisine. The diverse group of students fosters a respectful and inclusive environment that enriches everyone's understanding of Chinese culture.

Students of the program recently showcased their learning at the World Food Fest, performing in traditional Chinese attire. This performance was a highlight of the event, promoting inclusion and celebrating diversity within the community. The experience resonated with those of Chinese descent and with all who value cultural understanding.

These are just a few examples of the enriching experiences offered by Rhino Academy. Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting programs!



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